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Karen D. Todd, MD

“I enjoy the natural extension of providing care for common questions about aging that patients have asked me over the years. With advancing technology, we finally have devices and products that are extremely effective with minimal to no downtime. It’s personally rewarding when patients tell me they are exceptionally pleased with the results!”

Lumenis Certified


Glaucoma Fellowship

Eyelid Surgery

Cataract Surgery

General Ophthalmology

Our Professional Team

Cindy Gamez

Cindy Gamez, COA

Lumenis Certified
Jodie Grainger

Jodie Grainger, COA

Lumenis Certified
Jerrica Knowles

Jerrica Knowles

Massage Therapist MA34507 / Aesthetics Coordinator
Jen Mils

Jen Mills, COA

Lumenis Certified
Darbi Reel

Darbi Reel, COA

Lumenis Certified
Nancy Turnage

Nancy Turnage


Dr. Todd and her staff are amazing! Knowledgeable, professional, and caring. I had a friend ask if I had a face lift after one treatment of Micro-Needling with radio frequency. Very little down time and I get to see these fantastic people. I couldn’t recommend them more!!
Karen S.
Facial was an awesome experience! Didn’t want to leave!
Connie N.
The medical team shows compassion before, during, and after the patient’s treatment by answering questions, asking questions, and listening to the patient’s responses.
Barbara V.
Skin Care

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