Pharmaceutical Skin Care

Reveal younger, healthier skin with clinically proven products from Obagi, SkinBetter Science, SkinCeuticals, and ZO Medical & Skin Health in addition to prescription Retin-A products.


The Aesthetic Center is proud to offer advanced skincare backed by science. Born from decades of skin cancer research leading to pivotal breakthroughs in antioxidants, this exclusive line of products is made in the USA.

SkinCeuticals products are formulated with high concentrations of pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients clinically proven to make a significant improvement in the health and appearance of skin. Active ingredients are selected based on how they interact with each other, on skin, and within the formula itself. The combination of ingredients, delivery system, and formula are designed to optimize each product’s effectiveness.

OBAGI Medical

If you’re like most people, you feel younger than you look. You want your reflection to mirror what you feel. You lead a rich full life with no signs of slowing down. Today, most of us don’t look or feel our age. Now OBAGI ELASTIderm™ is giving new meaning to aging beautifully.

OBAGI ELASTIderm™ is a revolutionary formulation that helps your skin replenish elastin, and build collagen. Elastin is a protein in your skin that holds it firmly in place. By teenage years, your body had produced most of the elastin that is directly related to the formulation of wrinkles.

Many anti-aging products claim to build collagen, but without restoring elastin, your face will lack the support it needs for firm, youthful-looking skin. OBAGI ELASTIderm™ combines several ingredients first discovered for their healing abilities, using a breakthrough technology that helps decrease wrinkles and increase skin firmness. OBAGIO ELASTIderm™ will help your skin achieve that firm and youthful look that is ageless beauty.The full line of OBAGI skin care products are available at Florida Eye Institute.

ZO SkinHealth

Dr. Obagi’s philosophy is to create & maintain healthy skin for life – for all patients. ZO Skin Health products are formulated & developed to do just that. Guided by Dr. Zein Obagi, a practicing dermatologist, their product development team is constantly reviewing market trends, sourcing new ingredients and formulating products that will provide patients with visible results.

The dynamic bond between science and skin health is the essence of ZO Skin Health, Inc. Their comprehensive and continuous work in skin health solutions utilizes the best of what science has to offer to improve your skin’s natural functions that prevent or resolve many disorders. They look to science for developing products that create and maintain healthy skin for life – for all patients.


Skin Tightening

Advanced treatment therapy using a non-ablative Radio Frequency (RF) for smoother skin from head to toe, as well as reduced cellulite.

Hair Removal & Vein Therapy

For quick, effective, and safe hair removal and permanent hair reduction, Splendor X laser hair removal is your top option. Suitable for all skin tones.

Skin Rejeuvenation

This highly effective treatment combines two clinically-proven treatment technologies to reach and rejuvenate multiple layers of skin.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a class of materials approved by the FDA for injection to correct moderate to severe wrinkles, and lost volume of the face & lips.

Xeomin and Botox

Relax moderate to deep lines around the eyes, brow and forehead. The Aesthetics Center features Botox and Xeomin for outstanding results.


Patients report improved results in skin texture and appearance with just one Microneedling treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma.

Super Oxygenation Facial

For targeted rejuvenation, look to Geneo’s super facial. This three in one therapy refreshes both the inside and the outside of your skin, stimulating natural renewal.

VI Peel

VI Peel offers a non-invasive approach to healthier, younger looking skin with very little downtime. Enjoy feeling more confident in just 7 days!

Trusted Skin Care

Reveal younger, healthier skin with clinically proven products from Obagi, SkinBetter Science, SkinCeuticals, and ZO Medical & Skin Health.

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