Geneo 3-Step Super Oxygenation Facial

For a targeted rejuvenation treatment, look no further than Geneo’s multistep super-facial. This three in one therapy refreshes both the inside and the outside of your skin, stimulating natural renewal. Treatment with the Geneo process provides a way to maintain your skin’s healthy, smooth appearance, as well as targeting specific skin conditions. It also cultivates the improvement of your skin after any surgical procedures.

What Is Geneo?

Geneo is an advanced super-facial, clinically proven to stimulate and enhance the natural processes of skin rejuvenation and renewal. This unique three-in-one treatment offers the perfect targeted boost for your skin, covering a wide range of skin types, ages, and conditions.

The combination of processes that Geneo provides works both on the inside and the outside of your skin, for naturally fresh, smooth skin.

Whether you need treatment for a specific condition, help to recuperate after a surgery, or simply ongoing maintenance for healthy, youthful skin, Geneo provides a natural, gentle enhancement to your own inner glow.

How Does It Work?

Geneo is a three step process, including oxygenation, exfoliation, and nourishment.

  • Oxygenation is provided to the skin through a therapeutic gel massage, attracting oxygen to the surface of the skin.
  • Exfoliation removes any dead skin cells from the surface for a brightening effect. It also immediately improves texture and smoothness, and increases the absorption of active ingredients in the gel.
  • Nourishment provides needed nutrients to the skin to strengthen and revitalize.

What to Expect

There are multiple treatments available, including a balancing charcoal facial, a reviving red algae facial, and an illuminating facial with vitamin C. Treatments can be tailored to your needs and wants.

Geneo is a painless, relaxing treatment that is brief enough to be enjoyed over your lunch time, and has absolutely no downtime.

You may see results from the first treatment; however, multiple treatments are recommended for ongoing maintenance and the best results.

Who Should Use Geneo?

Geneo is gentle and non-invasive, and is generally recommended for all therapy seekers. The technologies and techniques used are proven to be safe and effective.


Skin Tightening

Advanced treatment therapy using a non-ablative Radio Frequency (RF) for smoother skin from head to toe, as well as reduced cellulite.

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Skin Rejeuvenation

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Dermal Fillers

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Xeomin and Botox

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Patients report improved results in skin texture and appearance with just one Microneedling treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma.

Super Oxygenation Facial

For targeted rejuvenation, look to Geneo’s super facial. This three in one therapy refreshes both the inside and the outside of your skin, stimulating natural renewal.

VI Peel

VI Peel offers a non-invasive approach to healthier, younger looking skin with very little downtime. Enjoy feeling more confident in just 7 days!

Trusted Skin Care

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